Running and promoting a slowly developing online community

1. Latest posts displayed at the pages throughout the website
2. Hire 1-2 moderators from the members – some members are very active with the photo contests, but not with the forum. Design a moderator manual.
3. Benchmark top communities for features mine is missing. It should be either your industry leaders or the ones focused on providing help to forum owners.
4. Install some important missing mods (there are literally hundreds of phpBB mods, but I have made a list of some urgently required): similar threads; refer a friend; community newsletter; user started threads. That’s it for the moment. I have some mods installed by this time – attachment mod and a few others.
5. Get it listed in the forum directories
6. Re-think forum concept and add new sub-forums
7. Use more types of content for the forum: downloads, reviews, tutorials, news, images, surveys, polls, articles, interviews
8. Bring website content to the forum
9. ‘New here’ sticky to help new members
10. Contests (Amazon gift certificates as prizes)
11. Recognize top posters: top posters list, member of the month
12. Active e-mail communication with the active forum members – ideas, feedback, etc
13. Forum ranking system