Howard Rheingold aan het woord

Howard Rheingold, auteur van The Virtual Reality (in 1993!) en uitvinder van die term, heeft in het Second Life kantoor van CNET een bijdrage gegeven met zijn visie op de huidige internetwereld. Enkele opmerkingen;

Second Life is a playground for early adopters. As far as I am concerned,tens of thousands of people who are actively creating new stuff are more
interesting than millions of more passive participants.

What I really like is that it’s so easy to roll your own these days. It used to be a big deal to set up your own chat or BBS or listserv. Now it’s part of the tool set for millions of people, and it’s mostly free. My main concern has always been about the quality of online discourse–are we improving or degrading the public sphere?

Bron: Keeping it real about virtual living