Communities 2.0

Naar dit soort artikelen mag ik graag verwijzen: Community 2.0 door Ellyssa Kroski. Waarom? Nou, het biedt een goed overzicht van de ontwikkelingen naar de groei van online communities toe.

“Online community has evolved well beyond the message board and the listserv and is hastily becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. We are seeing a natural progression which began with the original static content delivery site. We moved onward to the interactive website which allowed communication between the site and the individual in a limited fashion through tools such as message boards. And we have arrived at the community site which fosters group interactivity.”

Verder een goed algemeen stuk over verschillende soorten communities en hun doelen. Ze sluit af met o.a.
“It’s more than Just Tools…
Community 2.0 is about more than just tools. It’s about empowering the user. It is a time to embrace the amateur alongside the professional, because the consumer is now also the creator. Community 2.0 is about designing for interoperability and providing content for intermixability. Today’s users are combining many content types including text, music, video, etc. to create new resources. Successful community builders know that they can attract users by providing raw materials for such creative activity.”

Last but not least: een uitgebreide referentielijst. Kortom: aanrader!