De Social Net Ladder van Forrester

Via Charlene Li: Group consumers into six different categories of participation – and participation at one level may or may not overlap with participation at other levels.

* Step 6: Creators 13% (publish web page, publish or maina a blog, upload video to sites like YouTube
* Step 5: Critics 19% (comments on blogs, prost ratings and reviews, etc)
* Step 4: Collectors 15% (Use RSS, tag Web pages, etc)
* Step 3: Joiners 19% (use social networking sites)
* Step 2: Spectators 33% (read blogs, watch peer-generated video), listen to podcasts, etc)
* Step 1: Inactives 52% (None of these activities)

Only 13% of US online adult consumers are “Creators” meaning that they have posted to a blog, updated a Web page, or uploaded video they created within the last month.

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